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Carl Waldron

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Superheroes for black girls to look up to is definitely a topic I keep close to my heart. I have a little black girl of my own, you see. A little black girl who loves superheroes, mostly due to her father’s unnatural love of fake people with superpowers.

11 Superheroes for black girls to look up to

My daughter loves DC Girls, Starfire, and the Marvel Fortnite season. Watching her watch superhero cartoons reminds me of my youth. It also brings up how few heroes I could identify with as a child. …

I didn’t know there was a debate between Graphic Design vs UX design. When looking for something to write about, Google told me people want to know the difference. Having done both for many years, I believe I’ve got you covered. It’s also quite simple to differentiate. Let’s hit it.

Graphic design vs UX design

The way I see it, Graphic Design makes things Palatable. UX Design makes things Functional. They are similar but different and work together to make things better. It’s easy to write this off with a “duh” or an “I knew this already“. But someone didn’t, so here we are. You…

Look, a nice lockup. I did half the work for you.

Who doesn’t have Netflix? There are over 139.26 million Netflix accounts worldwide according to their Q4 newsletter. I can’t fathom the hours of endless scrolling leading to sleep these accounts have accumulated. The value of this streaming model can’t be denied. I have it and barely watch anything on it. I tend to scroll endlessly before nodding off, remote in hand (see above). A little bit of that is choice paralysis. My biggest issue is I always feel like I should be doing something productive with my time. …

An Apple without a bite? Blasphemy!

Building a successful startup with a middle-of-the-road brand starts you on the back foot immediately. If your startup brand design doesn’t stand out from your competitor pool, if your differentiator(s) are obscure or non-existent, if your creative strategy is incomplete or unclear, all these things can sink your ship immediately. Let’s hold for a moment and focus on my first point. Your logo is the tip of the spear for your brand.

Falling prey to design trends

Design is an extremely subjective field. Everyone has an aesthetic preference, so everyone has an opinion on what is good or bad design. Especially when one is designing products or brands. If you check the comments of the Under Consideration blog Brand New, design professionals disagree on brand design all the time. Brand executions I find amazing are given harsh, valid criticisms from designers with different taste than me.

We like what we like, and it’s usually tough to sway a person’s feelings. It’s like trying to get a hot sauce lover to give up the spice; it’s not happening…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I never thought I would enjoy being a design manager as much as I do now. Going from the lone wolf designer to the person delegating work and guiding the creative vision was a stark change. I went through a lot of internal debate the moment I was managing my first designer. As my team grew, I tackled a wealth of problems, all while being a hands-on asset to the company. …

Carl Waldron

Dad, Designer, Writer, Podcaster & Nerd.

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